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Dental Acquisition Lawyer in Tulsa

Having a lawyer by your side that is experienced in dental acquisitions is critical to ensure not only the legality of dental mergers and acquisitions but to provide you with peace of mind that you have a partner that’s working on your side of the transaction. There are many critical nuances within the acquisition of a dental practice that can easily be overlooked without Aaron Bruner and his team’s expertise.

Personalized Legal Service

Our dental acquisitions group does more than enter names and numbers into a computer. They know that every dental practice acquisition in Tulsa is different and will use a unique approach to every case file. For example, a letter of intent is not something that can be a one-size-fits-all formula, especially pertinent to a dental practice acquisition.

Services That We Provide

In addition to the requisite legal advice we provide for dental acquisitions, our office can provide counsel on:

  • The financial condition of the practice
  • The legal history, including any pending claims, of the practice
  • Identification of the customer base and nearby competition
  • Inventory and value of dental equipment and materials
  • Minimizing tax consequences
  • And more!

Ongoing Support When You Need It

We know that due diligence is only part of the equation in a successful business transfer. Our dental acquisition attorney in Tulsa, OK, can also help prepare employment contracts, the transfer of leases and real estate property, or the completion of other documents such as insurance applications, partnership agreements, and succession planning.

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At Aaron Bruner, Attorney at Law, we value your time and strive to make your experience top-tier, whether you’re seeking information about dental acquisitions near you or any other suite of services we offer. Please make an appointment to discover how our multi-specialty lawyer can provide you with the same top-rated service that so many others have already received. If you have a moment now, we invite you to read our five-star reviews for confirmation that Aaron has your best interest at heart in all legal matters.

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